My origin story is clich√© because I am that kid whose always had some sort of camera in hand.  I will never forget my first polaroid camera or how excited we all were to go digital (especially because I was so shutter happy).  
Photography has always been a fun hobby  for me but things changed in 2017 when I shot my first wedding.  I was so nervous and there are definitely things I wish I could redo but it sparked a change in the way I view photography.  I went from enjoying it as a pass time for myself to wanting to provide a service.  With a few more weddings and sessions under my belt I became an official LLC in 2019.  Turning this hobby of mine into a professional business.
I love how beautiful telling the human story can be and I want to be able to provide everyone with photos they love.   Because your memories are worth keeping and sharing.

When I'm not photographing something you can find me helping with Wildlife Research! 

About The Photographer


Michael joined the team in 2017.  When he's not helping me carry my gear, he's out hiking and enjoying the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.  He current assists with location scouting, second shooting, and final editor.


Tigger joined the team in 2005 and has been a loyal friend ever since. Her current roll is as the senior advisor and when she's not answer emails you can find her basking in the sun.  


support staff