about the photographers

The magic behind the photos

Some fun facts, info, and a few of the reasons why we love doing what we do

Emie's Photo LLC is a team of two photographers who specialize in capturing genuinely authentic photos

My origin story is clich√© because I am that kid whose always had some sort of camera in hand.  And surprisingly enough I did do my best to avoid the camera (especially during those blunder years - thank goodness for my ego). 
I will never forget my first polaroid camera or how excited we all were to go digital (especially because I was so shutter happy).  
Photography has always been a fun hobby  for me but things changed in 2017 when I shot my first wedding.  I was so nervous and there are definitely things I wish I could redo but it sparked a change in the way I view photography.  I went from enjoying it as a pass time for myself to wanting to provide a service.  With a few more weddings and sessions under my belt I became an official LLC in 2019.  Turning this hobby of mine into a professional business.
I love how beautiful telling the human story can be and I want to be able to provide everyone with photos they love.   Because your memories are worth keeping and sharing.

When I'm not photographing something you can find me helping with Wildlife Research! 


main photographer, cat petter, and fellow camera dodger

Michael joined the photography team in 2021 as an assistant to the main photographer.  During 2022 Michael stepped into the roll of second shooter and is now the primary second shooter for Emie's Photo LLC.

Michael - Second Photographer

why do we love this job?

Because we know what it means to have only pictures left of loved ones and memories we hold dear

As cat people we will always be excited to meet a fur ball.  We enjoy volunteering at our local shelter and we are also cat foster parents when time allows! 

No. 1

Anything with Cats

We're experts in everything National and State Park because we absolutely love visiting in our free time.  Not only do we enjoy hiking but we also have a great time mapping too.  We know the best spots because we've been to the best spots.

No. 2

Going out in Nature

Your wedding day will zoom by - instead of stressing on how to remember each moment, allow me to capture the moments for you. You stay present. Soak it all in. Leave the rest to me!

No. 3

You want to make your memories last

More than likely, you haven't had to create a wedding timeline. Having photographed 20+ weddings, I know a thing or two to assist you throughout the planning process.
I will help you customize a timeline to fit all the photographs you're looking for, that way we will be ready to take on the day!
Hiring a planner? I'll make sure to communicate with them so we're all on the same page!

No. 4

Having a little less wedding stress  is a priority

The beautiful thing about technology, is that anyone can pick up a camera and take photos.  However, not all of those people can provide a professional experience.  Wedding photography isn't just about the photos on the day of. 
It's all the time spent before and after your wedding too.
From personalized timeline, to editing, to proper file delivery, I work hard to provide the absolute best experience that I can.

No. 5

You want professional reassurance

Some of our favorite things