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And so it begins

Hello all!
It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written an update.
A few months ago I decided I wanted to update and redesign my website. I’ve evolved some since the original creation and (drum roll) I have decided to become an official LLC!
It was time as I’ve wanted to take on more clients and this was the proper way to do so.

Some website updates:
The front page is now a small show case of work that I’ve done in organized galleries. If you scroll down and hover over the image with your mouse it will reveal text, click it and you will be redirect to the gallery.
I’m also able to sell prints and have thrown up some simple examples on my website HERE. From that page there is a direct link to where prints will be available. Keep a look out in the next couple of weeks as I organize and make available some more (any and all support is appreciated).

Since this is my official ‘launch’ there will probably be changes I’ll make throughout the website. Please bear with me as I iron out any issues and I appreciate all feedback :)
And of course as always please send any feedback to help make this website as user friendly as possible.

Now for your enjoyment, here are some of my favorite 2018 photos. A year full of amazing and unforgettable experiences, people, and wildlife.
It was a wonderful and exciting ride to work in California/Nevada and then in good old Aiken SC :)