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August visit on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Reminder: When visiting any natural area always stay on the designated trail and avoid disturbing wildlife. If a wild animal reacts to you, you are too close! Long photography lenses are great for capturing the moment without getting in the way!
P.S. No animals were harmed and feet stayed on the trails in the making of these photos

Being close to the mountains is a special feeling. Especially when we can take a nice day trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy all the scenery and wildlife.
This little trip consisted of cool flowers and really cool pollinators where I discovered that I do not know my butterfly species very well (now of course learning).
I did a little research and was able to determine most names of the pollinators and attached it to the photos (click on them to see the name, Common name in BOLD and scientific name in Italic.
Past the pollinators are a few landscape/plant shots I took while in between photo sessions ;)


Pipeline Swallowtail   Battus philenor

Pipeline Swallowtail Battus philenor

There are only two photos in which I do not know the name of the animal. If you by chance recognize the bee or butterfly in those photos I’d love to know in the comments! But every other photo has the names of the animals photographed :)

The landscape/plant photos I got while photographing the pollinators.

I absolutely love the Blue Ridge Parkway and I recommend everyone take a drive through it if you’re ever near by!