Greenville Bridal Portraits / Stephanie & Athena

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When Stephanie asked if she could have her bridal portraits of her and Athena (her house) I absolutely said yes I will drive to Greenville SC and do them!
The colors were perfect, the sky was clear, and the weather was just right for the golden hour to shine through.

In 2020 Stephanie and Lewis had planned to get married earlier in the year but as we all know, COVID delayed those plans. Thankfully they were able to push the ceremony only a few months and in the A year Fall of 2020 they said ‘I Do’. Stephanie really wanted to have photos with Athena but horses being horses wanted to wait until after the wedding to do so. As a fellow Equestrian, I know how important it is to include our horses in our portraits. And since Athena could not be at the wedding, we took the attire to her.

I met Stephanie and Athena at college with my own horse, Peter Pan. We’ve known each other for almost a decade and let me tell you, Athena has always been stubborn about ears forward. So capturing a few of these bridal portraits with her ears forward is a huge success for my part!

Some of my favorite photos are towards the end because Athena started getting annoyed that we were just ‘standing around’ with ‘not a treat in sight’. She is one stubborn mare but you’ve got to love her!

Greenville Bridal Portraits
Greenville Bridal Portraits

The many faces of Athena

Greenville Bridal Portraits

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