Gross Apple Orchard Bedford, VA Fall Portrait Session



Have you heard of Gross Orchard located in Bedford Virginia?

When we moved to Virginia in August I wasn’t too sure how I wanted to approach running my business. I didn’t know anyone, know any place, and honestly I wasn’t sure if I could market well enough to get new clients. Within the first few weeks I started getting inquires and Will and Cat were one of them.

They wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary by having pictures taken at an Apple Orchard while the fall colors were still in season.

We met for sunrise and I spent the hours before watching the weather radar like a hawk. Despite what the radar said, the clouds moved in right before the sun rose so we didn’t get the true sunrise we were hoping for. None the less, we had a blast and I’m glad I got to meet these two!

I cannot wait to explore more of this beautiful State!

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Gross Orchard farm Bedford VA
Gross Orchard farm Bedford VA
Gross Orchard farm Bedford VA
Gross Orchard farm Bedford, VA

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