Historic Polegreen Church

Intimate Wedding at Historic Polegreen Church



Intimate Wedding at the Historic Polegreen Church.

Natalie and Steven knew they wanted to keep their wedding intimate and special, and when they came across Historic Polegreen Church, they knew they had found the perfect venue. Surrounded by nature and with a serene and peaceful atmosphere, the church was the perfect setting for the couple to exchange their vows.

The couple chose to have an elopement-style wedding, with just their closest family and friends in attendance. The open-air church, with its beautiful views and natural setting, was the perfect place for them to celebrate their love.

The couple chose to keep the decor simple, allowing the natural beauty of the church and nature to speak for itself. They dressed the church with a few simple flowers, which added a touch of elegance to the already stunning setting.

Natalie and Steven were so happy they chose Historic Polegreen Church for their special day. The natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the church made their wedding truly unforgettable. It was the perfect setting for them to start their new chapter together, surrounded by the love and support of their family and friends.

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