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Events at Old Paths Farm Gaffney, SC

On February 1st Thea and James exchanged their vows and committed to one another.

If you’re unfamiliar with South Carolina, Gaffney is a small time that you might not even notice. Nestled within that small town on 100 acres is a beautiful barn venue called Old Paths Farm. It’s a perfect place if a farm wedding is what you’re looking for.

Thea and James met through mutual friends and it wasn’t love at first sight. Honestly, she was kinda annoyed with him but as these stories often go, the more they got to know each other (and James got the courage to ask her on a date) it was undeniable that they were falling in love. After a few years of dating, James proposed and the rest is history!

Thea’s dream was to get married during the spring time but unfortunately with a new job ready for them both in Montana and trying to plan a wedding (we all know how stressful that can be) everything was moved up to February 1.

We started the day with looming rain clouds that threatened to open up at any time. Thankfully they held off until the wedding day was over. Making it a cooler wedding day but being that it’s South Carolina, thankfully it wasn’t too cold.

Congratulations to these two as they set off for Montana!

Thea and I met through horse back riding almost a decade ago so her getting married in a barn was a dream come true. All of us horse girls dream of it and I’m glad that I got to be the one documenting these sweet moments!

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