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The Great American Eclipse of 2017

After spending a field season in Utah, it was strange being back on the East Coast.

While in Utah I found out that we (America) had an eclipse coming on August 21, 2017

Michael and I wanted to be in the woods when it happened so we planned to be gone for the weekend. This was my first ever backpacking trip so I was very excited, especially because we would be on the Appalachian Trail.

We arrived in NC on Friday night, slept in the car, and early Saturday morning headed off to see a few spots that we wanted to see the eclipse on.  

We ended up deciding on Siler’s Bald because it was big enough to hold a LOT of people.  
Plus it was bald so we wouldn’t have to worry about the trees blocking our view! 

On the day of the eclipse I was blown away by how many people also thought Siler’s Bald would be a great place to stay. When we walked on the road, cars were backed up as far as we could see!

I’m glad we’d spent the first couple of days in the woods or we may not have had access to parking.

This was a life changing experience that I will never forget.

Happy Adventures Y’all and I hope you got to see the Great American Eclipse of 2017 🙂

Emie is a Wedding and portrait photographer based in Central Virginia.  She is committed to helping couples and individuals create beautiful photos that they'll cherish for a lifetime.



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