Wrapping Up the Season : Utah

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Once I moved away from the Ranch and to our BLM study site I did not have continuously working wifi. I knew that Utah was a vast state but getting to live in a small town in the state was a whole new experience for me.

With that and the constant feeling of going I didn’t take much time to write any updates or condense my photos.

I discovered I was only 3 hours from the Grand Teton and went every weekend I had off. I also met one of my best friends, Sidney, in Yellowstone and we had a blast exploring!

Within 2 weeks the field season will be over and I’ll be driving back to South Carolina. This field season has been amazing and has shown me a whole new world of possibilities. I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to take this job and am excited to see where I go next.

Enjoy the collection of photos from June to August.

Photos from Grand Teton National Park

Photos from my Utah Field Season

Photos from Yellowstone

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