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After years with squarespace I’ve decided to migrate to a more blog intensive site. It’s been an interesting couple of days as I attempt to figure out how to make this new switch and adjustment. In all this I decided that I’d like to completely start from scratch with my blog, so a LOT of […]

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Like the majority of the world, 2020 was going to ‘Be My Year’. I had been set on hiking the Appalachian Trail since 2017 and it was finally going to happen! But after only 6 days of being on trail, suddenly the world came crashing down and I ended up voluntarily getting off the trail […]

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With the weather cooling off and winter fast approaching, we decided to take a quick backpacking trip over the weekend. We decided we’d hike from Carvers Gap, go in a couple of miles, camp, and turn around and go home the next day. One thing I was really excited about getting to see was the […]

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Backpacking from Carver’s Gap on Film