ROAD TRIP DAY 3 – 4 : Missouri Nebraska Wyoming

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I was still in shock that not only had I solo traveled to Missouri, but I was well on my way to Nebraska and Wyoming!
After exploring the Tennessee Aquarium and the St. Louise Zoo, it was time to move on to day 3 and 4 of my cross country solo road Trip.

After exploring the St. Louis Zoo I kept moving towards I-80 Nebraska.  After being on the road for a couple of hours I saw a large brown sign indicating there was a wildlife refuge up ahead.

The refuge, named Squaw Creek Nat Wildlife Refuge, was a beautiful wet land area and perfect habitat for birds!

Wonderful drivable loop that allowed for a great view of the water and all the visiting birds. It was the first time I’d seen pelicans so far inland!

It was the perfect place to stop and stretch my legs.

After the refuge I was continued on and once I got into Nebraska there was a HUGE sign for an Audubon location close off the highway.

Since I’d seen so many awesome birds at the first stop I was compelled to follow these directions as well. Turns out Nebraska has a beautiful Audubon Sanctuary called Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary and it’s a very popular spot to witness the Sandhill Crane migration.

Day 3: Missouri to Nebraska

Day 4 : Nebraska to Wyoming

While driving in Nebraska I saw my first “No Service for X miles”.

It was amazing to me to see such open, unpopulated country that felt completely isolated, or so I thought.
When I passed into Wyoming I really felt that isolation and was in complete awe.

Driving into Wyoming was refreshing because the landscape started transitioning from flat to hills. It was only a matter of time before I would see actual mountains and that was very exciting.

When I saw my first sage brush I decided to stretch my legs and stop to look at it. I could not believe I was finally hitting sage brush country!

An hour into Wyoming I saw my first pronghorn. I felt like I was seeing a celebrity for the first time and like they only lived in documentaries.

Thankfully I had my sigma 70 – 300 handy so I can snap a few photos before they ran off.

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