Road Trip Day 5 and 6 : Wyoming and Utah

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Day 5 : Wyoming / Grand Teton National Park

Road Trip day 5: I arrived in Jackson Hole that evening and decided I was going to spend the night in town. I’d thought about camping in my car but is was COLD and I couldn’t resist having a warm bed and shower.

The next morning I packed my things and made my way to the park along HWY 191. While leaving Jackson Hole I stopped to take in the view. To my excitement, there were trumpeter swans at the little lake! My day had just started and it was already full of excitement!

I had forgotten that the Tetons were visitable from US HWY 191. That’s why I was able to actually see the mountains and access at least the pull offs.

The park is closed from November to May so I drove around trying to find a place to park. I finally found a popular trail head and decided it was time to go for a walk.

I quickly discovered what Post-holing was (finding out the actual term a few weeks later). But was lucky enough that people had been walking (and skiing) the path so in some parts it was walkable.

When I was completely alone on the trail I realized just how alone I actual was. It was a humbling walk into the woods and I’m glad I’d gone.

Road Trip Day 6 Utah

On March 26, 2017 I finally crossed the boarder into Utah!  

Since I had arrived a few days earlier than my work start date I decided to hang around Logan and explore the area.

While using the Gaia and Alltrails app I saw Cache National Forest wasn’t a far drive and decided to take an afternoon hike.

Because there was the chance of rain I decided to keep my camera in my pack the majority of the time. I got WAY too many cellphone pictures but it was such an amazing experience to see such a beautiful and grand landscape.

This hike took my breath away and not just because of the elevation!  

This was the first time I got to really experience the West and I am not disappointed.

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