My first spring as an Utah Wildlife Technician.

I have learned so much in this one month it’s been amazing!

We use radio telemetry to find our tagged birds. I’m finally understanding how to use telemetry in this very mountainous landscape and am excited for the month of May!

I’ve also moved to our study site so I’m no longer closer to the horses but have plenty of cows and open sage steppe habitat to keep me company.

Our first couple of weeks included us being out all night and watching leks before dawn. Because of this I’ve gotten to see amazing sunsets and sunrises.

For fun we went and saw a lek where the birds literally display on the side (and on) the road.

During this month:

  • Experience the beauty of “Big Sky Country
  • Saw my first Western Elk
  • Mini telemetry photo shoot with my fellow tech, Trenton
  • Got my ATV stuck in the snow…twice
  • Spent quality time with some of my new ranch friends (cats and horses)
  • Saw my first prairie dogs and photographed more pronghorns
  • Experienced snow after a beautiful sunny warm day (weird)
  • Met a lone sheep that most likely spent the winter alone  
  • Saw and photographed my first Golden Eagle  
  • Photographed some Mule Deer  
  • Saw an amazing variety of birds (Western Meadow Lark, Horned Larks, Sandhill Cranes, Yellow Headed Black Birds, etc).  

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