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Utah Greater Sage Grouse

In January I took the leap and applied to a new job working as a wildlife technician.
I had no idea what to expect but I knew that I wanted to focus on wildlife.

This job has been unlike any I’ve had before in my life, and I love it.

The study’s’ focus is how livestock grazing (rotational vs. not) affects the Grouse population as a whole (all life stages).  

As of the Spring of 2017, every ounce of the Sage Grouse territory is being grazed (both rotational and continuously).
This study starts with lek counts (observing and recording males breeding displays), tagging hens (with backpacks VHF or GPS), and track tagged hens until their chicks have fledged.  

As of April 2017, we are working on counting leks every week and going out to find the females we have marked.  
Telemetry in the mountains has been interesting but I lucky found one of the hens nesting!
Their gestation period is 26-27 days so I’m excited to see if she is able to hatch these eggs!

Below are my first photos of the Greater Sage Grouse

Greater Sage Grouse

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