Road Trip: Bigelow’s and 100 Mile Wilderness

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After ascending Mount Washington with the car we had no choice but to get to the top of the Bigelow’s in Maine via our two feet.
We started around 6:30 that morning and were so lucky to get to see the sun rise with the fog from the lake.  It only lasted 15-20 minutes for the red glow of the morning to be gone.

The trail (more like the climb) was straight up and straight down.  It took us the better part of the day to get up to the peaks and then slowly make a safe decent down.  

The view was of course, completely worth it and I’d suffer that all over again to see it.

Hundred Mile Wilderness

After the Bigelows it was time to step foot into the 100 mile wilderness. To get the most of it we decided to spend two days hiking around.

One thing that I was very excited about was the fact that we’d be in a low light pollution area which meant that we’d have a better view of the stars!  

I could have cried with how beautiful it was to see the Milky Way again.  After being out West and getting to see the full night sky so often it was hard coming back East!

Film photos were taken with my Pentax SP 2 and shot on Kodak Ektar 100

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