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Once I moved away from the Ranch and to our BLM study site I did not have continuously working wifi. I knew that Utah was a vast state but getting to live in a small town in the state was a whole new experience for me. With that and the constant feeling of going I […]

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Wrapping Up the Season : Utah

May was full of new adventures and warmer weather. This month I : Found 3 of our hens nesting Saw so many new bird species Photographed my first wild owl Discovered that Telemetry in Mountainous terrain is not easy Experienced my first desert flowers blooming Had a snow storm roll in while I was out […]

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May Adventures

Utah Wildlife Technician

My first spring as an Utah Wildlife Technician. I have learned so much in this one month it’s been amazing! We use radio telemetry to find our tagged birds. I’m finally understanding how to use telemetry in this very mountainous landscape and am excited for the month of May! I’ve also moved to our study […]

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April Adventures