Photos from the Field 2018 – 2019

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Before I became a full time wedding photographer, I helped with wildlife research. My first position was in 2017 as a Greater Sage-Grouse technician and my job was to help trap, collar, and locate tagged birds. The focus of that position was to see the effects of cattle grazing on Great Sage-Grouse populations in Utah.

In 2018 I went back out West to do another Greater Sage-Grouse position and this time we were following grouse in their most Southern and highest elevation population. After that position I went to work in South Carolina with raccoons and possums.

During this time I took both film and digital photos and this is a blog with photos from those seasons.

I’ve met some of my closest friends while working in some very remote places.

Interested in seeing more wildlife photos? I’ve made an Instagram (@emiesnautrephotos) for anyone who would like to follow along.

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